Sempre Permanent Jewelry FAQ's


What does "permanent" jewelry mean?

Our metalsmiths will weld on a custom fit bracelet to your wrist or ankle using a painless, quick and easy process. Because the bracelet is welded on, it does not have a clasp and therefore will "permanently" stay on (until you decide to remove it).

What is the price point? 

the price point of our bracelets start at $50-$200+. This depends on which type of chain and gold you prefer. We have 14k solid gold as well as 14k gold filled to select from.  All charms are sold separately. 

Do I need an appointment?

Yes. All clients with appointments will receive their service during their appointment time. On Saturdays, appointments are required to ensure we have a welder on staff. 

*Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent. 


Is a deposit required for an appointment?

No need for a deposit when booking your appointment. All payments will be collected during the time of service. We accept Venmo, Zelle, Paypal, and cash as forms of payment. 

What is your cancellation policy?

If you're not able to make your appointment, please reschedule or cancel your reservation 24 hours prior through the confirmation email or by giving us a call at 724.416.3485. 

Failure to cancel your appointment and resulting as a no-show, may limit your ability to re-book the service in the future.

How long will my bracelet last?

Weeks, months, years. This is dependent solely on your lifestyle, job and other external factors. If your permanent bracelet breaks or stretches, we will do our best to repair it for you. 

Will I be able to go through Security at the airport with the jewelry on?

Travelers can wear real gold or silver jewelry through airport security without any issues and you will not be required to remove during security screening. Please keep that in mind when selecting your gold metal type during your appointment. 

What If I need a medical procedure or exam (i.e. MRI)?

Consult your doctor if you will be required to remove your permanent jewelry during your MRI appointment.

All ferrous metals (ie stainless steel) must be removed prior to entering the MRI exam room. If you are aren’t sure if your jewelry contains ferrous metals, you can use a magnet at home and test in on your own. If the magnet tries to “grab” the jewelry then it can not enter an MRI exam room. Gold and pure sterling silver are non-ferrous however, depending on large the jewelry is and how close it is to the part of the body you are having scanned, your doctor may ask you to remove it.

If your doctor requires you to remove your welded bracelet or anklet for your MRI, you can always bring your piece back in and receive a re-weld for a $10 service fee.

What if I need to remove it or it breaks?

We ensure the integrity of our weld before your appointment is complete. However, we understand that things happen! If your bracelet/anklet breaks within 3 days after your appointment, we will re-weld it back on at no charge. Appointments will need to be scheduled for a re-weld. 

We are able to remove your bracelet for you as well. This requires an appointment to be booked via our website. 

*All jewelry re-welds incur a $10 service fee. 

Can I add a charm to my existing Sempre bracelet? 

Yes! If you're not ready to purchase a charm during your first visit, you're welcome to come back in the future and add one of our charms to any existing permanent Sempre jewelry piece.

How do I care for my Sempre 14K solid gold piece? 

You can clean your welded jewelry and charms with warm water, a gentle tooth brush and dish soap. This will help remove any dirt and debris that might have built up on your jewelry.