Let's Talk About Crop Tops.. shall we?

 Summer is finally here and with it comes the quintessential summer fashion dilemma: whether or not to wear a crop top.  If you're interested in looking fashionable and comfortable (and who isn't?) then the answer is yes!

Crop tops take up that precious mid section space that can be hard to fill out, but also give you a slimmer appearance. They all show off a great tan in the summer months and actually makes your waist look smaller. There are also so many different fabrications of crop tops out there that are very flattering! Our favorite are the seamless styles- no buttons, no zippers, and just pure stretchiness. 

Crop tops are generally sized much like t-shirts, but you may want to size down. You don't get the benefit of wearing crop tops unless it is form fitting to your midsection. You're probably thinking... okay, but what kind of bottoms do I pair with a crop top? Great question!  The answer is high waisted everything. High waisted jeans, high waisted skirts, high waisted trousers, literally anything high waisted that will touch the bottom half of your crop top. If you still feel iffy on wearing a crop top, then pair it with a cute longline blazer, a cardigan or a button down top to give you extra coverage, but to still achieve that crop top look. 

Don't be afraid to experiment with your look and add in a crop top or two to your wardrobe. You might just be pleasantly surprised.