What's NEW for SPRING 2021!


Spring is right around the corner and we couldn't be more excited for sunshine, bright colors, and let's be honest... not having to wear a winter jacket! 

This year's spring color palette is made up of different hues, but this particular combination is one of our favorites. 


Pop's of marigold yellow, crisp mint tones, muted olives, and tan will be featured in spring apparel and accessories this Spring of 2021. Along with this color palette, comes with some unique silhouettes and fabrications too!

With the pandemic at hand, we have been accustomed to comfort with working from home. Designers have taken this into consideration this season when creating looks for the runways. For example, you will begin to see looser bottoms, such as wide leg pants and sophisticated "loungewear" that will keep you comfortable this season as well as fashionable. 

At VGB we like to have our pulse on these trends when it comes to buying for our customers. With that being said, here are some NEW items that have rolled in for Spring at the boutique. Browse the site to see more spring arrivals each week! 


Here's to warm weather and actually getting to wearing cute clothes in public! 















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